Canine Services

Enticing Extras offered  for your Classy Canine


Playtime: Individual play or “pat n chat” in our fenced in play yards. A second family dog may be included for ½ price.

$ 7.00 per playtime


Walks: One on one time and some extra exercise provides a less stressful visit.

$ 5.00 per walk


Stuffed Kongs: Holly’s features – four different combos to suit every palette.

$ 3.00 a kong


Yappie Hour: A frozen yogurt sundae with crushed dog cookies and a treat on top.

$ 3.00 a serving


Sunday Brunch: scrambled eggs, bacon beggin strips, and a doggie bagel or croissant.

$ 5.00 a serving


Festive Dinner: Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner for your pets featuring –

Roast turkey, whipped potatoes, unseasoned carrots and corn.

$ 5.00 for Dogs $ 2.50 for Cats


Pet Care Options at the “S-Paw”


The Works: Nail Trim -:- Ear Cleaning -:-Teeth Brushing -:- Brushing

(does not include de-matting or a bath) $20.00


Brushing: to help maintain your pet’s coat. The brushing options does not include de-matting your pets coat. $ 5.00 a brush


Nail Clipping – $15.00


Bathing: a basic bath with an oatmeal shampoo, an oatmeal conditioner, blow dry and brush.   Sorry, we do not de-matt or do full grooming. Prices vary according to breed and coat length, please ask at time of arrival.


Teeth Brushing: A disposable personal tooth brush and paste for your pet to have their “pearly whites” brushed is included in this cost.   $ 5.00 each time


Ear Cleaning: $ 4.00 each time