Classy Canines

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Rates for Both Locations

all prices are per dog, per day


Basic Boarding Information:

Holly’s Pride disinfects daily, gives fresh bedding daily & as needed during the day, and fresh water every 3 hours. Pets are fed your chosen menu and may be fed up to 3 times a day. Your Classy Canine will enjoy the outside 4 times a day individually in a covered outside run.

$ 30.00 Monday – Sunday

$ 31.00 Holidays and Peak Season


Peak Season – Summer Holidays, March Break, Winter Holiday Breaks & all

Long Weekends.


Multi Pet Families boarding 2 dogs – $ 2.00 off per dog per day

Multi Pet Families boarding 3 dogs – $ 3.00 off per dog per day


What is a day? Day number one is the day your pet arrives. No Charge for Departures before 10:30 a.m. on the departure day.


Boarding during March Break, Christmas, New Years – there is a five day minimum stay/charge as this is a very popular time of year. A $ 50.00 deposit is required and is fully refundable up to 21 days prior to peak season.


Entertainment Packages :provide a less stressed vacation for your pet.


The Ultimate Package - $ 54 Monday – Sunday $ 55 Holidays and Peak Season


2 Playtimes per Day

2 Walks per Day

Daily Stuffed Kongs

Daily Brush

1 Yappie Hour

Extra Treats


The All Inclusive Package - $ 43 Monday – Sunday $44 Holidays and Peak Season


1 Playtime per Day

1 Walk per Day

1 Stuffed Kong or Yappie Hour

Daily Brush

Extra Treats


Holly’s Pamper Package – $ 36 Monday – Sunday $37 Holidays and Peak Season


1 Daily Walk

No Playtime

1 Stuffed Kong or Yappie Hour

Daily Brush

No Yappie Hour

Extra Treats


All Packages include a Free Bath after a 5 Day Stay


Note: Bathing is available on shorter stays for an additional cost

* Pets must be staff friendly to receive our activities

See our Canine Services for more activities and services with a good price value in mind.