Kool Kat Club

Kool Kat Club

“Kool Kats” stay at “The Club”  

Designed for rest and relaxation with a touch of amusement – both locations feature a cozy fireplace, lots of space to stretch out in, an aquarium, windows with a view and best of all smiling faces and ear rubs.  Maid service supplies a daily cleaned suite with bedding and fresh litter.  Check out our gallery at both locations.

The Purr’esdential Suites are the best in the house, most feature large windows and large multi levels to climb.

$ 26.00 per day, each additional cat in the same suite is $13/day

The V.I.C. (Very Important Cat) Suites featuring a good size, two levels and great price.

$ 21.00 per day, additional cat in the same suite is $10.50

Playtime and Pat-n-chat Your “Fabulous Feline” will enjoy lots of attention and fun during our playtime. Games, a climber, and pat-n-chat time help make your pet’s vacation less stressful.

$ 7.00 per playtime, 2nd family cat ½ price.

Brushing Holly’s Staff would be pleased to provide  brushing time to pamper your pet.  (Sorry we do not de-matt).

$ 5.00 a brushing

How about a Purr-fect Package?

An all-inclusive package…includes boarding rate…plus…

  • Daily Brushing
  • Daily Playtime
  • Treats
  • Toys

1 serving of tuna or salmon every 5 days

$ 29.00 per day with accommodations in a V.I.C. Suite

$ 34.00 per day with accommodations in a Purr’esdential Suite (This package must be taken over whole stay)

Note: All male cats must be altered!  All pets must be staff friendly to receive the extras.