Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

The Cattery has multi-level suites designed for rest and relaxation with a view of outdoor birds, an aquarium, and a cozy fireplace. The suites are cleaned daily, dishes, fresh litter and bedding supplied.

Purr’esidential Suite: $28 / Day

Each additional cat in same suite is $14 per day

V.I.C. (Very Important Cat) Suite

V.I.C. (Very Important Cat) Suite: $23 / Day

Per day, additional cat in same suite $11.50

Deluxe Cat Package: $37 / Day

Features boarding with one daily playtime, treats, brushing and a toy. $37 per day in a Purr’esidential suite $33 per day in a V.I.C. suite


Playtimes: $8

Lounge on the couch by the fireplace with a staff member to enjoy some one on one attention, chase a feather toy or bouncy spring for fun!


Brushing: $5

To keep your cat’s coat looking good! Note: large mats are not removed.

Festive Turkey Dinner

Festive Turkey Dinner: $3

Spoil your cat with a homemade dinner of roasted turkey, whipped potatoes, carrots, and corn with a special pumpkin dessert.

Nail Clipping

Nail Clipping: $20